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Stomach Flu

45 mins|$209(Pay later)

Formulated to aid in alleviating symptoms and discomfort with the stomach “flu” and/or Food poisoning. Re-hydrates your body and reduces muscle pain with Toradol (anti-inflammatory medication) and decreases nausea with Zofran (anti-nausea medication).


Contains: 1L IV Fluids, electrolytes, Vitamin C, Zofran (anti-nausea), Toradol (anti-inflammatory), Vita B-Complex Vitamins; Thiamin (B1), Niacin (B3), Riboflavin (B2), Pantothenic Acid (B5), Pyridoxine (B6).


Thank you for showing interest in our services, all our procedures are walk in.

We are located at

10000 Stirling Road, Suite 7

Hollywood FL 33024


Call us at 954 727 1283

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